Rory Stewart joins Tory leadership race – Video


UK international development secretary Rory Stewart says he would support a move by opposition Labour lawmakers to take control of the parliamentary agenda with the aim of introducing legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit

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  1. I am a remainer, and an ex Tory member, now floating voter, but I have to say, he speaks more sense than most of them. As the party destroys itself in ego fuelled infighting and power grabs, the country and our people suffer. Someone needs to stop the madness, and he may just be the guy. Assuming the party doesn’t self implode, Profumo style, which is a very real risk.

    It’s terribly sad to watch your government drive real fear into people for a decade, (Welfare, homelessness, food banks, etc,), then set one person against another fueling intolerance and division (Brexit), and then to watch that very same government implode.

    Hopefully the madness will soon stop, and our nation can be healed.


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