Economic Collapse Confirmed! $22 Trillion Dollar Darkness Of Government Debt 2019 Stock Market CRASH – Video

Shocking video of the imminent economic collapse and the next Great Depression of the United States.

The U.S. national debt is wildly out of control, and nobody in Washington seems to care.  According to the U.S. Treasury, the federal government is currently $21,968,903,151,139 in debt.  In just a few days, that figure will cross the 22 trillion dollar mark.  Over the last 10 years, we have added more than 11 trillion dollars to the national debt, and that means that it has been growing at a pace of more than a trillion dollars a year and will cause the biggest economic collapse in history and of course a devastating stock market crash.  To call this a major national crisis would be a massive understatement, and yet there is absolutely no urgency in Washington address this absolutely critical issue.  We are literally destroying the financial future of this nation, but most Americans don’t seem to understand the economic collapse is in our doorstep.

If we went back and removed the 11 trillion dollars that the federal government borrowed and spent over the last decade, we would be in the worst economic crisis in American history right now.  But by stealing from the future, the federal government has been able to stabilize things.

The global financial elite are really starting to talk up the possibility of a new financial collapse and a major stock market crash. Unfortunately, the future always arrives eventually, and the greatest economic collapse will hit America in the near future.

The former fed chair, now a scholar at the Brookings Institution, said there remains an agenda of unfinished regulation. “I’m not sure we’re working on those things in the way we should, and then there remain holes, and then there’s regulatory pushback. So I do worry that we could have another economic collapse.” Our world has never seen anything like the imminent economic collapse that we are facing right now, and most of that debt was accumulated when interest rates were low.

We are heading into a major economic crisis and global depression.

the truth is that the government debt is an existential threat to the future of this nation, and we are systematically destroying the very bright future that our children and our grandchildren were supposed to have. The national debt is a problem that should have been handled 20 or 30 years ago. But it wasn’t. This current system is headed for an inevitable economic collapse.  There is no way of getting around it.

A horrific stock market crash and economic collapse is coming.

It is going to change the world.

You better get ready.

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  1. I'd like to have a dollar bill for every time I have heard this, I wouldn't care if the economy tanked out!! There is always someone with a dooms day Betty story on the economy!

  2. While you covered the basic tenets without naming it, can you please do a video on the insane MMT garbage people are tossing around?
    I've done articles on how GDP is a scam unless you take debt to GDP ratio into account. Considering our debt to GDP is currently (under)stated at 108%, this alone is a path to destruction.

  3. Blah blah blah. Heard this for years.

  4. Japan owes more debt than the USA in percentage over GDP, Japan has not collapsed, definitely the USA is not going to collapse before Japan. Epic Economist is fear mongering.

  5. US$ 22 Trillion? Don't be silly, don't be fool.

  6. Americans don't want to believe it, but capitalism (which creates poverty, especially when there's a large population) destroys civilizations in the long term.

  7. "Our" and "we" as in Americans, with a high brow English accent?
    True though.

  8. Food and Skills are what is going to be important, Gold and Silver will not be there for the average person and who will really know what they are worth have 3 months of food at least the more the better, learn to fish, hunt, trap and grow food even if you cannot do it now learn all you can about it

  9. Best Way to Right Off Debt? World War is always good.

  10. Let the Democrats contribute more financially to eliminate the debt! Because they want open borders!

  11. Just kill the farting cows and learn to code – problem solved 😂😂😂

  12. for the people that doesn't understand the implications of this it means the fallowing:
    you with a credit card that you cannot pay, and your lender coming to get you with a gun, and you loading yours.

  13. Sadly, the future is now, not tomorrow.

  14. Sorry socail security is not part of Government it's paid in off our labor socail security is not a government entity

  15. You say the money for the interest goes into a black hole… Where does the interest actually go? Who is getting that interest? And what happens when it doesn't get paid?


  17. Question: That interest paid, who received that payment?


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